New Years Resolutions

Are a load of shit.

Most people I know agree, the only thing a NYR is useful for, is breaking. Could be an age thing i suppose. Once you get passed a certain point you know yourself well enough to know you’re as full of shit as a New Years Resolution.

Nevertheless, it’s time to have a go at one.

My New Years Resolutions are twofold:

1. Read 19 books this years.

2. Write about those 19 books here.

That doesnt sound overly taxing to me, which is kinda how these things are supposed to work really. Sounds more plausible than the year i decided i was going to try and watch every episode of Doctor Who ever anyway. I think i made it about 5 episodes into the first Doctor’s (William Hartnell) run before realising the complete lack of foresight in the challenge and binning it off.

Anyway, that’s the challenge. 19 books. I got this from my hairdresser whose friend had done 18 for 2018 and it sounded nice and not too difficult as i love to read anyway. The challenge for me is can i do it while blogging it also? Hmm. The last few years posts have trailed to nothing, registering maybe one every 6-8 months aside from family deaths. Them aside though, to read and to write are good ways to relax, so let’s go for it! No recriminations if i don’t make it though, I’ve plenty of other things to spend my concerns on.

Happy to say I’m one book down already. And before i announce it, (and I’m aware the image at the top may be a wee giveaway here) let me preface by saying the 19 books are not going to be any deep searing insights into the living condition, or philosophical classics. Nor history, and very likely not going to contain even any classics such as Moby Dick. These things don’t appeal to me. I’m a pop culture vulture, and my purpose for reading is escapism (occasionally branching into education about multimedia). So anyway, book one: Lee Childs – Worth Dying For.

That’s right, a Jack Reacher novel. About number 15 if I’m not mistaken, although having read about ten at this point, i can tell you it largely doesn’t matter if you read them in order or not. It’s just a series of adventures with the same character at the core, like Indiana Jones or Mission Impossible (unlike the most recent one anyway – but that’s a different post).

If you’re not familiar with Reacher novels, the basic gist is that Reacher, former US Army military police, has swapped a life of military bases for travelling the states by hitching rides and going where he fancies. And to absolutely no-ones’ surprise, anywhere he goes, trouble does surely follow. It’s very much a macho fantasy ride each time, and what’s wrong with that? Mills & Boon are never short of romance fiction after all.

This one has Reacher breeze into Nebraska, and immediately bump heads with the family who run the place who in return decide to cut him down in short order. Naturally, this does not go the way they think it will, and causes Reacher to investigate some of the more colourful stories the locals tell him. You’ll never guess (mild spoiler warning) but it turns out the Duncan family have something to hide. I know right? Woah….

Anyway, in a typical Jack Reacher book, he smashes some heads, uncovers nefarious deeds, and swaggers out of town again. This one though, I’ll give just a little more credit than that, as it also has a few different characters we follow, and reminded me more of Snatch than every other JR book. Also, the reveal is pure darkness. You can see it a mile off of course, but you’re hoping you’re wrong every time.

Then he smashes some heads and swaggers out of town. I mean, it’s basically the plot of the Hulk tv show, with less Lou Ferrigno.

There’s a couple of weak moments in it that basically made me put the book down and go ‘hang on a sec, what?’ As Reacher second guesses the bad guys plans so perfectly he can get them to hang themselves (not literally…this time anyway) but overall, a damn good ride that i think took me about 4 days of bedtimes, bus rides and shitstops.

8/10 – take it for what it is, switch your head off and go to the movies. It’s the equal of your average 80’s Schwarzenegger effort.