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I came to bring the Payne

Anyone else buy Max Payne 3? No? Well your loss then. This is an ace game, nothing you haven’t really seen before in terms of gameplay (think somewhere between gears and uncharted and you’re there) but it has it’s own charm. Aside from being Rockstar and using their boosted GTa4 engine, its got style pouring from every pixel and a killer soundtrack. I’ve got to give it to R*, they know quality music.
It’s a fairly straightforward run and gun, with the now mandatory cover element (it’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong) but with a strong story to keep propelling you forward death after death. Because this is Max Payne. For the character and until you adapt to the environment, for you too. It’s a fairly steep learning curve even on medium and I dread to think what it’ll be like on hard and higher. I will find out though I think because they’ve thoughtfully added other modes to play through again with like Score Attack and One Hot Minute (where each kill puts time back on your countdown clock).
I’ve had a couple hours on the MP side of things as well, and to be honest the single player really doesn’t prep you for just how bloody difficult MP really is. My first two hours were basically being dead followed by a brief respite of breathing each time. I think my average lifespan ran to about 30seconds each. Seriously.
However it does get easier of course, and the practice you get in multiplayer does help you a lot with the single player. After playing a sesh online (with the developers no less) my single player kill skills went through the roof!
This is a thoroughly well put together game, frankly it’s quite a step up from Red Dead Redemption in terms of interface, social club and multiplayer interactions. I often found myself stuck in a loading screen from hell with Red Dead that never got patched. Maybe it was me, I dunno.
I’d say that step up goes for graphics, and sound as well, as my Dolby has never been as beneficial to my game as it is with MP. It’s just a pleasure to hear bullets whizzing past your character, and when you flick on bullet time ( well implemented), it feels altogether matrix-y. But you know, the good Matrix,not the sucky two.
Reckon I’ve said enough now, but I’ve just got to add that if you get this on Xbox, and join the social club, feel free to join Recreation Division clan. I’m I’m it, the other existing members will be along shortly, and we’re for mature players mostly but not exclusively. We still like dick and fart jokes 🙂