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Politician’s Lot

One of our users PinkFloyd has contributed a poem which frankly, expresses perfectly the feelings of this site toward politicians. Spot on that man!


From PinkFloyd:

just a quick poem so we might understand government at base level

Politicians Lot !!

In the greater scheme of things
A phrase I like to hear
It’s a politicians lot to make
It all sound so clear
As clear as mud for the greater good
I could’nt possibly comment
Oh! it’s work in progress
To throw them off the scent
All the mmm’s and aaah’s
Give me more time to think
Of a more plausable answer
Act cool, take a drink
Ooop’s! My back is on the ropes
Dont do individual cases
A plus with equal rights
That goes for all the races
Could’nt live with my constituents
Never heard of a carafe
Now moved up to scotland
Away from that riff -raff
Freezer full of steak
The future can’t be thwarted
I’m pensioned to the hilt
So……….Vote me out, I’m sorted!