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One of Us Needs Help.

And I’ll be honest, I’m not sure it’s me.

I read something today which wasn’t so much news as stirring up a hornets nest because they had nothing else to write about. To be fair, I was reading over someone’s shoulder and it appeared to be responses to the article so obviously that came a few days before. I’ll have to look it up so my righteous fury can go nuts.

(edit: looked up the relevant website but no sign of article. It may have just been made up of readers comments.)

What was it? A suggestion that overweight people and smokers should be refused medical service due to it being (in so many words) their own fault for not taking the doctors advice when given.

Wow to the stupidity.

Here’s a list for ya.

Bungee jumping.
Sky diving.
Driving a car.
Leaving your goddam house.

Spot a logical link? Every thing you can think of can do you harm. But ultimately it’s your choice whether you do it or not. If you’re the sort of person who thinks jumping out of a perfectly good plane is a great way to spend your day then who am I to argue?
If you’ve paid your taxes there’s no reason why the NHS shouldn’t glue your head back together if something goes wrong with your ‘chute and you bounce off the concrete.
My point is that the government does not get to choose who they supply medical care to. You pay your money, you get your treatment. If you don’t like smokers or fat people to the degree that you begrudge them medical help, then you should seek help. But make sure you get someone who agrees with you, otherwise they might expect you to pay for your psychoanalysis. ARE YOU SEEING THE LOGIC YET?

Love all the people, all the time.

Peace out.