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Good things

I’m failing to be prolific. Always a concern, but i have anxiety so everything is always a fucking concern even when its blatently not.


I am up to things. Good things. Whilst not wanting to set myself up for a fall i think its fair to say at least one serial podcast is going to be released in the near future (near meaning before Christmas/Winter’s Greetings in Community speak).

This makes me happy. I’m always happier working with a partner or group and so this is perfecto. I honestly can’t and don’t want to say too much as i have a lot of faith imbued in this and really dont want to jinx it. But you know, people who read this are good peoples (and sometimes….bots) so i wanted to let you know that my sweet dulcet tones (sarcasm with a big S) are going to be bothering the net shortly.

and with that, have a Stone Roses song on me.


P.S. them Spotify people, still useless.