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A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend.

What an awesome time i had this weekend. It was only a short weekend, i only had the Sunday off, but wow, how much you can do in that time.

On saturday night, there was a Rock Star party where everyone dresses up as, well, i think you can work that bit out. But we took our copy of RockBand and all the instruments as well. Not one instrument was left standing all night. At all. and we didnt finish until 3am. Having started at about half 7. My missus enjoyed herslf so much that we had to adopt the sofas at the friends house for the night (thank guys).

A friend of ours had come down for the weekend from the big smoke so it was good to catch up with him as well. Despite him having caught up elsewhere the night before and being hungover to fuck. lol

Then on sunday after doing the walk of shame home through the town centre at half 9 in the morning (but stopping off for a wetherspoons brekky), we went to watch Hulk with a couple of friends. Who were STILL recovering from the friday night. wusses.

Hulk is so much the film that should have been made the first time round. This really did feel altogether a tighter, better, action orientated film. There is humour in it, but it’s not overly fored or silly. I could really go on here about this film, and if i wasn’t in so much of a rush i probably would. But i will say that the effects make the last one look like it was filmed with plastercine.

and that was my weekend. One day long, and all awesome.  I’d love to write more about it, but there’s not a lot more than i’ve already told to describe. If it doesn’t come across as a particularly full time, trust me, it certainly felt that way.

Til next time,