2 Furious, not so fast.

Two things happened today that are worthy of note.
1. I went to the gym for the first time since I was sixteen. I am now far from sixteen. It felt very very good and tomorrow I’m sure I’ll feel very very sore. Fingers crosses I can keep it up.
2. And the far more interesting thing from any other point of view, I went to see Fast and the Furious 6. It was ace! Alright there was no playing bowling with cop cars and a giant safe, but it did have a chase involving a tank and another with a cargo plane. It was insanely fun and I’m looking forward to number seven already (out next year kids!)
There was plot holes, obvious twists, unnecessary ones, and a very obvious crowd pleaser moment where big Vin and the even bigger Rock tag team the bad guys. But to be honest,  if you like these films, you’re really not giving a toss about plot. You’re there for the action and mayhem. It’s there in buckets, and then out of the buckets and into giant fiery vats of lava. It is insane. Justin Lin should be proud to have outdone Michael Bay in such a stylish way. Actually he did that with the last film, but he seems to have smashed it again.
It’s a shame he has stepped out of directing the next one, but given the character he introduced bows out in this one (I’m not telling, you can find that anywhere else online), then it seems like the perfect full stop to leave on.
It’s excellent popcorn fodder, and I truly do implore you to get on this increasingly great series. Phenomenonally stupid and brilliant.