Top 5 time

So this is what I do now.  Anytime I’ve got five minutes to kill, I’m gonna throw up a top5. Its easy, quick (in theory) and I can do it on the days I’ve forgotten to pack my psp for work. (I’m replaying through the classic ps1 game Suikoden which is still amazing).
So here’s number 1:

Top5 Movie Sequels

1. Ghostbusters 2.
2. Aliens.
3. The Dark Knight.
4. Dawn of the Dead.
5. Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Disclaimer: I spent approximately 10 minutes doing this and so theres a wealth of sequels I havent considered but to be honest I’m not sure it would turn out much different if I had. However only three of my list actually surpass the originals (in my opinion).

I am willing to consider others if suggested?