24 hours in Los Santos

Obviously I bought GTAV. Of course I bought the limited edition.  Naturally I’m going to post my my thoughts on it. 
So first things first,  if somehow you haven’t already bought it,  save your money and get the regular edition.  Aside from a very nice black tin case,  the extras you get aren’t worth £20 extra.  You could get a guidebook for less than that,  and it would probably have more use. That and the extras will probably end up in the marketplace before long just like Red Dead Redemption.
That said,  the game itself is worth the entry fee as it were.  It’s huge.  If the grand canyon is big,  this is HUGE. I played for about five hours last night (a very late night for me) and didn’t even see a fraction of the map.
If you’ve any interest in this game whatsoever,  you’ll have read all the obvious reviews and stuff so why waste my time and yours?  So here’s what I did in my five hours so far:
Played several story missions.
Played several rounds of tennis. And won.
Broke into the golf club. (it was out of hours)
Met three strangers and took part in a Saints Row IV baiting mini games.  Shooting aliens with mini guns really took me by surprise I tell you.
Called for my blimp,  then got lost and disappeared up a big Hill overlooking the city by accident. Never found the blimp….
Took part in some stunt plane trials and crashed with alarming frequency.  It’s like I had never flown in gta before.
Met a random who turned out to be one of the more likeable gta4 characters and got his number for future use.
Learned just how precise the physics are on my character. When jumping a wall,  get it right or faceplant to your cost.

That’s not everything.  It’s not even half I reckon,  but everything else becomes a blur during five hours of play.  It’s such an easy place to become absorbed in,  that time will fly. 
I’m also going to give massive kudos to the sound quality.  More than once I had to mute the sound to check whether there actually was a police helicopter circling my house. Insanely good sound. 
Tonight’s first mission is to complete a full circuit of the land.  Then possibly spend some time working out just how the LS freeway works….. It would give Escher a headache.
I haven’t got round to a six star rampage yet,  but rest assured I will,  and will be reporting back right after…