Look at this wanker. He got a desperately needed kicking.

Arkham Closing Time

A quick few words before I get in to a blog post proper – the site is undergoing changes/maintenance at the moment so if it looks different on occasion it’s because I’m still trying to find exactly what I’m looking for.  Mainly I want  the three widgets at the bottom there to appear more pronounced as I mostly post in those categories so thought it might be a good idea to focus the site with them. I’ll get there, but i’m not happy yet.  I’ve also reduced the amount of posts appearing on the front page as once again, that’s a job for the widgets.


Anyway, Batman – Arkham Knight. It’s been out for quite some time now, and I’ve finished it. As in, beaten everyone and everything and collected 243 (or whatever it was) Riddler trophies and kicked his smug bloody head in.  I would have finished it before now, but I got distracted by other games, and just needed a break from the relentless green man searching.

So what to make of it?

It’s amazing. A fantastic accomplishment from a team of developers who clearly know/love the source material. If you cast an eye over my previous posts, you’ll know that I’ve been a Batman fan  for a very long time so I’m well versed in the lore myself and I LOVE the little touches that Rocksteady have given this game.

They could have quite easily gone the route of more of the same as Arkham City, and I think most people would have been happy with that (myself amongst them probably) but they turned it up to 11 with this one. It’s not perfect (Batmobile takes some getting used to, and why the default brake isn’t left trigger bemuses me) but by and large it surely does come close. The fighting seems to have been tweaked to within an inch of its life, to the point that you can now pick up weapons and batter people with them. You can use your wonderful toys whilst charging into a crowd of grunts (hurling ice blasts and electric shocks) and taking down a packed out street of goons is just a complete rush.

The story…the story has had its detractors, especially with regards to the identity of the Arkham Knight (which I had guessed within about five minutes) but even if you do guess who it is there’s plenty more besides to fulfil you. Again, I’m a long time fan and i was completely enthralled by the possiblities the game threw up. When I saw Azrael, I got very excited for a version of Knightfall. (SPOILER ALERT. In 3…2….1)

It didn’t happen, but the appearance of such an important character got this guy very excited. There’s a few such appearances and even though this game has been out for quite some time now I’m still not inclined to spoil it for anyone. It’s an absolute blast and deserves your money. I haven’t forked out for the season pass (yet) so won’t pass comment on that one but as every game comes with one as standard now (give or take) I’m less inclined to partake. Although I really want the tumbler skin……

I’ve gone on too long already so I’ll sum up with this: Where the 3rd in a trilogy always has to be bigger, more spectacular and feature more villains, it nearly always fails. This, I’m so happy to say, is one of those rare instances where everything went right and ticked all of the obligatory boxes at the same time. And with that, I’m off to restart it on New Game Plus!