Skynet is back online.

SO my last post was a moan about how difficult it was to get my domain back. That was nothing. NOTHING.

I built this new PC last November, a full ass-kicking dynamite powerhouse of a behemoth (it has four deep fat fryers – one for each part of the chicken). It is capable of just about anything I can ask of it.

Amongst its awesome bits are 16gig of DDR3, a Nvidia 970 4gig, and 4.7 AMD processor. Seriously, I’m not making this shit up. If you asked it to make toast, it would make the toast, and then the rest of the fry-up, eat it in front of you while flicking the V’s for asking it to do something so utterly beneath it.

However. It has taken me til now to get the sodding thing running properly. Initially messed up by me not having built a PC in a decade, and doing something unspeakable with the processor, motherboard and cooling gel it then proceeded to find other ways to go wrong. I think (and i say it quietly, coz I’m fairly sure it’s self aware) it was the RAM and the SSD. I say think, because short of the gfx card, I’ve changed everything else. Literally.  This has come in at a cost of roughly £1200, and I think now it’s finally going to come in to its own.

Sure, I own a tablet and could have been updating this blog from there. Or even from my giant ass smartphone but I’m a bit oldschool and I like a physical keyboard for typing.

So I guess what I’m saying is I really am back now. And loving my (almost) new rig.