Absolutely hating my memory right now. Every time we have a party the same thing happens. You spend the week before thinking of food, beds for crashing, have we got enough glasses (never), is the house clean enough? Eventually you reassure yourself everything will be okay and settle down until the day of the shindig when you do that last minute runaround with the vacuum cleaner, and realise EVERYTHING IS FUCKING FILTHY OH MY GOD HOW CAN PEOPLE COME OVER WITH THE HOUSE LIKE THIS OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD……etc.
So that’s where I am right now, but unfortunately I am the great procrastinator, and the owner of an iPad. So I’m also sat on my sofa doing nothing. Well, I’m having a coffee as a reward for the last two hours work, but the itch to get up is there, scratching away making me all antsy.
I know it’s not going to pass at all today.
If my memory was better, I’d like to think I’d remember all this shit for next time. But I won’t. Expect this same blog in approximately 12 months.

In other news, I cobbled together a coffee table out of parts from an old computer desk and some new parts from B&Q. Here’s almost the end result:


This would probably be slightly more impressive if I didn’t tell you it’s been ongoing for slightly more than a year. But to hell with that, I did awesome!