hedging my bets.

Just got through to Round 2 in Strongbow’s Stand Up challenge. A few general questions, and then this one which I must admit, I had to give some thought.


Q: In your own words, why should you be chosen to step up to the stage and EARN IT?


So I answered:


I don’t ever do things by halves, (pints only) and I’ve always said if I was to do stand up again, I would have to go bigger and better. I’m pretty sure this challenge ticks those boxes. I love challenging myself, and as I’m terrified of heights and can’t swim, skydiving and scuba diving are off the table. I was thinking of holding out for extreme video gaming to take off, but I’ve been told it might be a while as people are still into extreme ironing.
Besides all that, I’m no Frankenstein so won’t make people run from the club which I think you’ll agree, is a major plus.


Now I’m not sure if this will swing it, but I attached a photo of a fiver as an incentive. I called it ‘Not a Bribe (wink wink).jpg’


Fingers crossed!