I’m your huckleberry

I’m back!

Sorry i’ve been away too long. Mostly due to issues with renewing my domain name, and the perils of letting the renew date slide by when you feel a bit short of cash. it was going to cost around a tenner to renew but it was right before payday so i felt (understandably) that i’d let it lapse and grab it again so it takes the money after payday. Logical no?


Letting it lapse did not release the domain entirely but ‘kept it safe’ for me for around 56 days giving me the option to get it back for only an extra £50+.  Having not had the ten, I did not have the fifty either. So i waited it out to buy it on the open market. Sure, I was taking a chance on someone else snapping it up but them’s the chances.

Obviously that hasn’t happened (oh thank whatever deity you choose) but there was then the indeterminable period of waiting for my domain provider to decide it wasn’t going to raise money at auction from it AND THEN release it into the wild.

So here we are, just a mere 3 months later.


I am back. I got a lot of plans, having had 3 months of plotting and scheming to fill my blog shaped hole with and a whole new set of HTML and CSS skills. Shit, as they say, is gonna get real. Um, yo.

The nature of HappyDaysinHell will stay the same, me on my soapbox bitching and moaning my way through the days, but the format is going to change a little. You might not notice, you might not care, but chuck you farlie, you read this far.