Oh Ron

I lost my grandad today. Constant readers maybe aware that this isn’t the first, but it surely is as much important.

Ron (or Grandad as he’s known round these parts) past away today. It’s hard to express how much you’ll miss your grand parents, but I tell you if it hasn’t happened yet: prepare yourself.

Grandad was a massive part of my life, every six week holiday would be spent with him and Nana (in this side of the family that was her name) and we would alway spend it with them. I mean always.

When you were a kid the six week holidays were a dream. That’s the thing you would always look forward to. Six weeks off school? Hell yeah!
I could guarantee that any time I turned up at their doorstep there would be a crate of cheap cola or lemonade waiting for me. It didn’t matter what it was, it was pop! Sugar sweetness in a can provided by my loving grandpops.
Nana passed away away when I was just a boy (11), but grandad would keep up that love and just phrase it differently.

I guess for me (I have cousins that might testify differently) my over riding memory of Grandad is gonna be the chip pan. Yeah, I get that it’s weird, but you never saw it.

Grandad’s chip pan was the most burnt out thing you ever did see, and if you did, you wouldn’t want to eat from it, however, for those who dared it was the most tremendously amazing chips ever. Sincerely, it beat that mythical version of Turkish Delight you read about in the C.S. Lewis novels.

It would be the thing aside from Grandad I looked forward to most, and he knew it. That blackened beast would be fired up before I got there when he knew I was coming.

The secret was that it hadn’t been cleaned since Nana passed, and each year gave it more of a taste. Without killing you I don’t know how this could be but hey, you don’t question greatness.
Anyway, there’s lots of tales I could tell about my grandad, most quick to mind would be how he was the tale gunner in a Wellington Bomber, but what I will always take away is that burnt out chip pan. Much like my grandad, it was a small thing but it meant more than the world to me.

Rest in Peace Grandad, I know Nana was waiting for you.