The End of the Yellow Brick Road.

Today is a happy day my friends. Well, at first it was a bit half and half, then it was just plain crap, but finally it got good. So at least it went in the preferred order (y’know, if you have to have one).
Very quickly then, an explanation:
The half and half was getting up for the early bus (like getting up at 5 kind of early) and then forgetting your pass so you have to trudge back home from the bus stop. But then spending your extra half hour on photoshop and learning new tricks.
The plain crap was one of the hardest days I’ve had in this job, on top of a very arsey customer who frankly, should really find something serious to act the dick about. There really is no reason other than ‘I’m bored’ for the way this guy was acting. As my friend introduced me to it today, I shall use my new favourite phrase “cock chomper”. The more you say it the funnier it is. This guy was a total cock chomper.
And finally, the good was ending my what must be months long OCD effort of listening to every track on my iPod in reverse order! I did it!
Frankly, it was a Herculean task and not one I’ll be doing again in a hurry but I’ve learnt a few things from it. I’ve learned that the best of Asian Dub Foundation is no five minute fancy. I’ve learned that I have got too much Charlatans, Coldplay and Clash for one playlist to handle. (See also Q, for I only own Queen and Queens of the Stone Age in that category). And the biggest lesson, that I will carry with me always, is that under no circumstance do you ever forget to remove the 8gig of party music you were supplying for a friends 30th before attempting this. Too much cheese can kill you people, it’s a real threat.
As that is a bit vague, I will list no more than five incidents of cheese as that is the limit before you reach for the rope and the high stool.

How about Chesney Hawkes? No?
Billy Ray Cyrus?
PJ & Duncan?
Ace of Base then!
How about I knock it out of the ballpark, and throw a Rednex in the mix? Oh yeah, go get your toaster and run that bath. 🙂

Even with all that though, I’d still recommend doing this at least once, to remind yourself why (or more likely to ask yourself why) you have all those albums with you at all times. Of course now I’ve listened to them all I’ll need to completely change the contents of my library, and then I’ll have to listen to them all….and so it begins again…..sigh.

Help me.