What kind of a month has it been?

Holy shit!

And that applies to the following:
It’s been almost a month since my last post.
I’ve turned 33.
I bought a phone that wasn’t made by Apple.
Disney bought LucasArts.
Jimmy Saville may or may not be a kiddie-fiddler.

It’s all good stuff to blog about, but lets focus on the important shit right now shall we?

Fucking Disney bought fucking LucasArts! I’ve got to say, that was a complete and utter shock. No-one, but no-one saw that coming. That was one well kept secret right there. Frankly, being as they’ve already announced Episode 7 as coming in 2015 I’d say this was well known in the respective camps for quite some time. (Which, in a bizarre link, makes me think it is possible for over 60 people at the BBC to keep Paedo Saville a secret).
Far play to George Lucas though, he kept that fire burning for as long as he could. Just how many people would keep bothering to make new films of a franchise they were tired of to keep people happy? I’m surprised he didn’t just make Episode 2 and 3 the Jar Jar & Yoda show just to piss off all the ungrateful fanboys. It’s really no surprise he was grinning like this for the photo opportunity at the contract signing.

Oh my mistake. I was thinking of that other guy who sold his entire empire for $4.05 billion.

Ca you really begrudge the guy? If I had suffered as much shit as this guy simply for using MY creation in any way I saw fit, I’d have sold it it to the person most likely to fuck it all up. You know, Michael Bay.
As it stands though, we all get more Star Wars films, at least the next trilogy, NOT directed by Lucas and beginning in no less than 3 years. Find me a fanboy that’s not prayed for all that to come true, and I’ll hunt down Bigfoot.
Best hope them Mayans got it wrong eh?

Oh, and I almost forgot: