An edit free post.

In honour of Spotify.

Are you a fan of music? If not, this post is worth skipping as it's mostly me getting angry about music.

Basically, I've been a Spotify premium subscriber for over 6 years now, and love the service. No really let me get that straight now, there's no-one done more for streaming services than the green wave. When I first joined, I was an apple user and after about 18 months moved to android in search of more control over data access privileges (but let's not go there today). And I still subscribed, fan that I was/am.
As a one stop shop, Spotify has got better and better at adding features. I love the Discover Weekly playlist, the new release playlist, all of that. It's great, it really is.
Now. All that said, there's one slight issue I have with Spotify. Just a wee one mind.
As a music fan, former DJ, collaborative playlist maker, etc, I want to be able to make playlists on the go. If I'm sat on the bus and struck by an idea, I want to be able to have at it. And I can, but only if I can think of it in the very order I want it to be first off. If I want to edit that playlist and reorder it, I have to wait, switch to ANY OTHER OS (Windows, apple, hell probably Linux) and then go about it.
That's my issue right there: Spotify on android doesn't support the minor feature of rearranging tracks in playlists.
Let me repeat that: Spotify on android doesn't support the minor feature of rearranging tracks in playlists.
Piss poor really isn't it? I can do it on any other streaming service app, google play, amazon, even Tidal and on any other operating system. And believe me, I've used them all (also Deezer, lest I forget). But no, not Spotify.
Here's the forum where approximately 3 years ago, someone suggested they might want to include it. Please note it's now 2017 and 54 pages of replies later and it still hasn't happened. Why is that one might ask? Well you might but good luck finding the @spotifycares (hah!) representative who can answer it for you.
Now I get this is a #firstworldproblem, but hey, music matters.
So much so, members of that forum have made friends, exchanged details, made a fucking app for android solely for the purposes of editing playlists!
Which was promptly banned for some bullshit reason of trying to 'impersonate Spotify '.
If I could get an answer to why we don't have this on android, I might be more content and resist posting an angry man on the web post, but I haven't had one.
So I'm asking, please, if you like music, Spotify and android or any combination of the three, repost this and get us some traction!

Much love, and furious anger,

(Oh and by the way, Tidal really isn't as bad as they say, apart from the price.)