Piss off Jack! (I’ll be up in a minute)

We said goodbye to my last surviving grandparent last Wednesday. Literally. I said goodbye and she passed a few hours later. It’s ok, i guess. This was one time i got to say goodbye and I’m fine with it. I’ll miss her, she and Jack were the source of much smirking throughout my life and i doubt it’ll ever stop. (So much so, I actually performed a stand up set based on them – you’re not getting that link though).

Amy was a tough woman (raising 8 kids would probably do that to you, even if you were meek before – which i doubt she ever was). To give you an idea of the woman she was, I would probably call upon the mother from Bread mixed with Vera Duckworth. I guess long-suffering was part of it, but also able to to whip someone to within an inch of their life should the occasion call for it. (again, 8 kids….)

Every saturday was the same to my recollection, a massive pot of pea and ham soup slowly stewing on the stove, and various kids and offspring drifting in and out to catch up on gossip and take part in the feast. There would always be a whole loaf of fresh bread at the start, and sweet FA at the end. And that goes for the soup as well. G’dam, i loved the smell of Grandma’s kitchen, i think i’ll miss that as more than anything bar that wonderful woman herself.

Can i also throw out a mention to the rag puddings? My grandad (the last of the big time drinkers)  would never be sent out of the house on friday night without one of those lining his stomach. With the stories I’ve heard, that was clearly key. I’m told the legend lives on, and i’m sure it’s in no small part to those puddings.

There are lots I could add here, how she took Mum and I in when we needed it, and i’m sure she’s done the same for the rest too, but I don’t want to burden you with our family’s tales.

She was as dedicated to family as she was to my grandad, and i’m only happy to say that they’re back together. The rest of us will just trudge on regardless with an occasional ‘Amy love’ and reciprocal ‘Piss off Jack!’ to remind us of the great company we once got to keep.

Goodnight Grandma, Tell him where to go from me x