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So all singing and dancing, Neil Patrick Harris would be proud.

So. This is my 100th post and I promised a doozy. Well it won’t feature songs, and a few other things but let me see what I can do,

So first up my wife, a couple of friends and I went to see Richard the 2nd at Stratford Upon Avon last weekend, performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company and notably including David Tennant (my wife’s a nut for him). I’m hopeless with history and don’t know all that much Shakespeare, but I would highly recommend this play to anyone. Absolutely fantastic! I was riveted to my seat all the way. I couldn’t wait for the intermission to be over so I could find out what happens later! Brilliant performances, yes, including him, and a fantastic stage (there was all sorts of nifty gizmos in the new theatre, including a hinged stage floor that raises up to reveal more) that just enhanced the whole thing. I’m already signing up for tickets to see Henry the 4th now!

So what else?
Well a few weeks back I applied (on a whim) to Strongbow’s Stand Up Challenge, where you dare to say as a non-professional comedian that you’ve got the stones to perform in a top London club to over 200 people. To cut the story short, I’ve made it to the final round and am on my way to London next week! Eek! I’m completely terrified and excited all at once right now. Tomorrow they’re coming to film me to make sure I play well on camera (did I mention this will all be filmed?)
In preparation I’m spending my night as if I was in a Rocky montage, and singing the eminem song from 8 Mile.

Also, spent today dressed as Jesse from Breaking Bad for a work charity day, and helped raise over £600! Frankly, I’m feeling pretty goddam good right about now. Err….bitch!