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Felina/Finale/Whatever/It’s Done.

These first two lines are to prevent anyone reading anything they might regret and cause me to suffer for later. This is a spoiler filled review of the last ever episode of Breaking Bad. This is so highly anticipated that every fan I know has gone out of their way to avoid social media, the internet, and even the news in case of the slightest hint of what’s coming. In hindsight, the news was probably a mistake. This could have been a good day for opportunistic terrorists. Might have been, I haven’t checked yet. And so now without further ado….




It’s done with, everyone who needs it is dead, and everyone else…..mmm…..


So I’m a bit shell shocked now to be honest. I’m in that state of comedown that I was hoping Lost was going to provide but utterly failed to. No, this is a good comedown. I’m totally overjoyed with how that ended. For all the rumours and suspicions of the last five/six years, can you really say that wasn’t (as Vince Gilligan himself put it) ‘exactly how it should have ended’?

I’m looking back at all the ideas and comments that have been floated (half of which were mine) and feeling a little foolish as to the outlandishness of what we thought, and what we got. It’s driven home by the fact that it was done just so perfectly Breaking Bad style. Slowly, methodically, ultimately chaotically. Of course that’s how it ended, why would it have been anything else? His mostly innocent family get to suffer the aftermath of having a megalomaniac father/husband, his extended family in bits and just surviving (with a lot less purple I noticed) and everyone who needed a bullet, getting one or fifteen.

I’m happy that Junior got to walk away, poor bastard has had it hard enough hasn’t he? And Marie, as she wasn’t innocent of everything apart from loving Hank and being slightly more than the average amount of insane.

Incredibly happy that Todd (or Meth Damon) got it. So much so, that when the moment came I cheered in a style more befitting of a football match.

Related (pun intended) , Jack went out in a well needed moment of laughter. You’ll never find out…..bang.

Lydia….well, she had the most graceful exit i felt for one of the more necessary ‘removals’. Maybe she was in Belize.

R2 and Threepio (Badger and Skinny Pete) make a curtain call, and exit stage left, with the good grace not to dither.



And finally Walt/Heisenberg: Well now, did he redeem himself? He gave up Hank’s body, managed to get his nest-egg into the family* (albeit in a bit), rescued Jesse (by chance), admitted his sins, accepted his fate, bumped off an arsehole or two and not once stopped to ask after his other 70ish million. Perhaps because he knew that it would be long gone, but one can hope.


I absolutely loved this ending, and hope everyone else did too. If not, stick it in the comments. Or anything else really, I’m easy.


Thank you for reading this blog, and all the rest!


*Elliott and Gretchen. Well, it was incredibly mean, but as he hasn’t actually hurt them, just forced them to keep the word they’d just given, I’m gonna let that one pass.