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Live long enough to become the villain.


So that was episode seven of the final series of Breaking Bad. Where, indeed, Walter did get some new glasses as pointed out in a teaser last week by Vince Gilligan on Talking Bad (I will watch anything related to this show, but fortunately its quite entertaining).

So what we have now is this:

No lawyer. Saul has headed for pastures new, and his life is going to be Walter free. Well, one hopes for his sake.

Walter…no wait, lets come back to him.

Jack listens to his idiot nephew, and instead of retiring comfortably on oodles of cash decides to continue with a career that got the first guy poisoned by the second guy, the second guy blown up by the third guy, and the third guy put on the run. And also, notably, ALIVE STILL.

The crazy paranoid lunatic that is Lydia returns to sitting back to back with people she’s talking to in public, despite no-one having picked up on her sitting face to face with Heisenberg in the very same cafe.

Junior makes his position really bloody clear. Kudos to that fella and his acting. I totally believed his incredulousness ‘you want, to send us some money?’.

Marie remains in shock. And that’s it. Is that the end of Marie, or does she have a further role to play? Being driven away by Hank’s brothers in blue (as it were) would be a suitable ending, if a little unrewarding. Still there’s plenty more story to come, and only 75 minutes to fill…..

Skyler gets visitors, and not the good kind. More the piercing coldness of a true worthy opponent to Dexter. Chilling. So glad Junior wasn’t around.

Jesse…Jesse gets away with it (somehow, pity we didn’t see how he swung the gate open despite not being able to reach up to it. We’ll assume he took a few swings at that. Yeah that’s it.
Then he doesn’t get away with it, and it costs him dearly. Won’t somebody think of the children? No Todd, not you.

Walter makes good on his escape, retires to New Hampshire for a bit. Makes a new friend at just $10,000 an hour, then goes a bit stir crazy and goes full on Tonto. Maybe anyway, it remains to be seen but I’m pretty sure Walter has now broke on through to the other side. No more Mr Nice Guy indeed.

This show has had me guessing every week with never a right answer. I honestly have no idea how this all ends, and I’m so grateful not to be able to predict it. I hope the family survive. I hope that Jesse does too. I pray that Todd gets a bullet. I know better than to suggest any of them will happen, but in an idealistic finish (yeah, seems likely) that is what I would like to see.

Special moment of awesome goes to Robert Forster, which was an unexpected surprise. Seemed to fit in well i thought.