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I DO want to see how you got those scars.

Finally got round to watching Dredd the other night, and have to say it was completely awesome. Dispels any bad aftertaste of the Stallone one, and sets up the franchise in a very welcome way. I’ve heard rumours that it might not get a sequel and that would be a terrible shame as it was all kinds of perfect.
I might be overstating it a bit, but truthfully I can’t think of any truly terrible parts to the movie. I suppose the changes to Dredd’s outfit might upset one or two of the hardcore, but then I’m personally of the opinion that having a giant golden eagle on your shoulder probably isn’t that practical in a violent altercation. I mention those as there’s quite a bit of that in this film (violent altercations, not golden eagles, that would be a strange film indeed). Yeah violence is high on the things you will see in this film. In fact, I’d say its the most likely thing you will see. This is an action film so it kind of goes without saying, but it shouldn’t. This is one of the most graphically violent films I’ve seen this year and we’re still in February. Django takes the title, but where that was all played for shock, this is merely playing true to the comics.
Anyway, I’m not writing a review so I’m just going to skip ahead to my final comment on this which is that Lena Headey makes a hell of a villain. More so than in Game of Thrones, she really gets to go full tilt evil. Scarred up and emotionless, she’s a great foil to the masked Dredd (played to perfection by Karl Urban, kudos for not forcing a scene with the helmet off a la Stallone). She’s also insanely hot. I don’t know whether its the scars, or the cool hair but I’ve got a bad crush on LH now. Much in the same way as Anne Hathaway’s bottom did for me in Dark Knight Rises (no, not stopping banging on about that yet).
At some points in this, LH reminds me of a female Joker, and I can definitely see a way that Nolan et all could have utilised Harley Quinn but shit happens.
Summary: Dredd awesome, Lena Headey sexy. Me concerned about how the scars helped.

Good times…..?