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My Top5 Film Lovelies

Much like in Friends, my wife and i have a top5 of people we would be allowed to get off with should the chance arise. I can’t tell you who is on her list (but imagine scruffy haired, shortarses and you’ll be on the right track) but i can tell you that for the first time in i don’t know how long, my list is only three (maybe four) people long! This is wrong. I have to have five otherwise i’m not using my get out of jail free card to its full! (i’m probably going to pay for calling it a get out of jail free card, but oh well).

Here’s what i got –

1. Winona Ryder – Always number one on this list, i have what some people call an unhealthy obsession with her. I don’t call it that of course, i just think she’s an underused fantastic actress with a hell of a figure. but hey, tomAtoe, tomarto.

side note – i just read she’ll be playing Spock’s mum in the new Star Trek. i can see that working too well.

2. Elisha Dushku – Played Faith, and numerous other bad girls. yum. except that shit with the dead people.

3. Angelina Jolie – A good solid choice, but hasn’t done anything that has made me go ‘wow’ in a while. except having twins, and i don’t think that’s gonna do it. Course, neither has Winona, but that doesn’t matter. See how it might be unhealthy?

4. Mary Louise Parker – Husky sexy voice, nice figure, generally wears black. Hot. Loved her in the West Wing.

5. …. i really haven’t got a clue. I thought about maybe the actress from Studio 60, Sarah Paulson, but i’m not sure if that’s probably coz her character is so lovable. I think i’d have to see her in something else so that i could make that call. yes i take this list seriously, you don’t let just anyone on here you know? lol.

So there’s five. One is a filler and one’s there coz i can’t think of anyone else. Not a best list. oh well, i guess i’ll just have to trawl the web looking for hotties. what a bummer. heh…..