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Hulk Smash

Sorry, got distracted by life and as always procrastinated where possible. I have been to the cinema a couple of times though which is unusual for me. I’m not a massive cinema fan, due to various factors such as it’s crowded, full of loud kids, seat kicking, overpriced….you get the idea.
Some films have to be seen on the big screen though, and as a geek we’ve having quite a run of these for the last few years. That said, I still don’t like the cinema, but for some things you have to tolerate it.
1. Avengers Assemble 3D.
My general feeling is that if there’s a 3D version available, you should see it. It might well be gimmicky and all the other arguments, but if you haven’t watched a film in 3D, then you really shouldn’t be slating it. Watch both versions then do it with authority.
I haven’t seen both yet, but I honestly dont think the 3D on this was anything more than a nice bonus. It wasn’t my reason for seeing it anyway, but on a couple of occasions I did really get the benefit.
Enough about 3D. Did I like the film? Hell yes. In my opinion it’s earned it’s record breaking box office. I’ll admit I’ve always been undecided about a film of superheroes all together (Watchmen doesn’t count), especially of one of them is a God. If you have a God, why do you need anyone else?
But even so, I knew I was going to be watching AA, it was just a matter of when. And I’m happy to report it was all good. Im a Whedonite from Buffy days, so I knew it had a shot at being good but I was well chuffed to have underestimated it. Aside from all the obvious fights between our heroes (which is such a tragic waste of time, no-one is ever going to totally trash the other guy for fear of upsetting the fans), it had a nice little plot arc and enough lighter moments to stop it from becoming pompous. Let’s face it, with those costumes, this was never Shakespeare. I don’t care if you can get Richard Branagh to direct Thor, it’s still ridiculous outfits beating the shit out of each other in small town USA. Just with better pronunciation than most comic-films.
Everyone has a favourite character, and mine would have been Nick Fury if it wasn’t SLJ playing him. I love SLJ, he ace in just about everything, but hes not the Nick Fury I would have gone for. The Nick Fury of my choice would have been based on the Punisher max series by Garth Ennis (but then so would most things), i.e. grizzled, old, cigar chewing, bourbon glass attached to his hand like a wedding ring. SLJ didn’t really do that for me at all. Cool but not quite.
In the end it was a tie between the Black Widow (simply because Scarlett Johansson is just unfailing amazing. And hot. Well, duhh) and Hulk who gets the two absolute killer scenes in a film thats full of them. I always found Hulk a very two dimensional character, get angry, smash stuff, run away, rinse, repeat, but I did like the introduction to him becoming a character with some focus. I hadn’t worked out how they were going to control this mindless monster toward pursuit of the common goal, but they did. They did and they did it in a very cool way.
Look, just watch it okay? I’m giving it 5 stars and signing off as my fingers are starting to cramp. Next post, Prometheus.