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aaaaaar DJ. *sigh*

After the thoroughly entertaining Hulk on sunday, me and a mate went off to see Iron Man (at one of the few remaining cinemas showing it) on Tuesday.  Result?

Me likey.

I think if you’re going to watch these two comicfilms, try to leave a week or two between them, because although they are done fairly differently, there is a lot of similarities. Guy gains powers, changes life, somebody else sees those powers, wants ’em, gets ’em, gets beaten the tar out of by the good guy. oh yeah, love interest stands idly by.

I will say though, Gwyneth Paltrow stomped all over Liv Tyler as a love interest. She is probably one of the only people to be able to hold their own against RDJ (massive man crush right now) in a scene, but also just seemed to act the part (such as it was).

On its own, Iron Man was fun. Never been a fan particularly, but i really enjoyed it as a film. RDJ just owned the role, and it’s a tough coin toss as to whether the scenes with him as Stark or the action was the main draw.

Not that i’m gonna reviewing films, but i’d say 8/10.  just like Hulk.


oh yeah, and the bit after the credits? Wrong. Nick Fury is not SLJ, no matter how fuckin awesome SLJ is.