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There’s no relief in the son.


So yeah, I’d say that covers the spoiler warning.


This week then, omg, omg, this week, omg, omg, this week.

We lose two major characters (well i always thought so). Jesse gets beat down like he dated Chris Brown. Junior gets his head spun around almost to the point of going gonzo on the spot, then pulls out of it just in time for you to consider him as the next actor for Superman (he looks the part i think). What a legend.

Skyler’s mind clears, and then turns a thunderous, murderous red. Holly (apparently even the children are gifted actors on this show) gets her biggest character arc so far. Marie breaks. But does she break bad?

Todd, we learn, is more conniving and downright bloody evil than I previously thought possible. His Uncle (Jack, apparently) is exactly the kind of evil i thought he was with, just a sliver, of decency if you look at it from an odd perspective.

Lydia is presumably working out the profit margin in this weeks developments, and then drinking hot water from a cup to prevent hyperventilation.

Saul one imagines, has bought the Wizard of Oz song from iTunes and is dancing around his office if he’s heard from the Vacuum Guy (or whatever we’re calling him).

However, Walt ‘still has work to do’. So with two episodes left to go, and everybody (literally everyone now i think) after him, what the hell is he going to do?!?!?!?!

I’m really stuck now, as I’m guessing his family go WitPro, and Jesse is….going to remain engaged for a little while…what is there left for Walt and his money to do? Has he snapped? Is he going to try and get his family back? WHAT THE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?