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Obscurist gaming alert in 3..2…

Just so you know what I’m on about, click this link to the ign page for it.


On my bus to and from work, I’ve had weeks where I’ll just read a book or on occasion, an ebook (because I’m dead progressive, me. And also a little sarcastic this evening. Hmm…) and some other weeks I’ll game or just listen to music. Well, there’s always music but sometimes I pay more attention to it.

Anyway it’s been a game season lately and since finding out how to make with the custom firmware I’ve been ensconced in retro platforming glory. You know, back in those 2 dimensional days. Super Mario Bros 3 has been given a right kicking (because I am the rightful owner of an original copy, apparently it’s okay to do)

Edit: Not an actual kicking you understand.

as has Addams Family. Not a great one, but one I liked a lot. Also Cannon Fodder but I could be here a while if I get into it.

Basically my psp has been given a second lease of life and with that I have been playing a game first released and played by me back on the PS1 in those halcyon days. The game is Suikoden and weirdly doesn’t seem to have been all that popular considering just how quality it is. Actually I suppose its really not all that weird as I tell you its a Japanese RPG not dissimilar in graphics to Legend of Zelda for the Snes (Ocarina of Time? No, A Link to the Past. All so damn similar now…) and maybe a touch of Final Fantasy.

In a nutshell, your hero is the son of a Great General in the land of Suiko. The Great General is one of the highest guard of a seemingly evil Emperor. Naturally you join the brewing rebellion and plot to overthrow him, all the while snaking your way up the heroic career ladder to become leader of aforementioned rebellion. So far so ‘one man who can save us all’.

Where Suikoden differs is by having you collect members for your army personally. Well, 108 of them anyway, would be a bloody epic game if it was a full army but nevermind.

But each and every one of this 108 has backstory, a name, a personality, and ….in a nutshell it’s Pokemon with people. I’ve been playing those games since they began as well, and this is near enough the same thing. Try and collect all of them by doing trivial tasks, delivering stuff, and having the right people with you at the right time. It even has six people to your squad during fights but differs by having all six fighting at once.  It’s a gentle RPG, quite friendly to the newcomer (which I’ll always be as I venture there rarely). I must have sunk about twenty hours into it already, and I’m not yet finished or even remotely close to getting 108 (52 at last count). It’s a great game, and if you have a friend with a copy or an internet I highly recommend you experience it. Come on, admit it. You’ve always had an itch for retro Japanese RPGs from 1996.


Footnote: The PSP version was only ever released in Japan, so of course I’ve learned to read Japanese in order to play this again.