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Xbox: the prequel.

So the big reveal was yesterday. And what a reveal. Now called an entertainment console rather than a games console, we had a load of crap shown and a trailer for the new Call of duty. Now with added armour dogs.
Honestly I could not be less impressed at this point.
I could give a shit about ea sports intergration. I could not give a monkeys for tv streaming. I am a gamer through and through and I saw nothing to tell me that this was the console for me.
According to this reveal I can control my Xbox with my phone. That’s right, I can watch tv, through my Xbox, connected to my tv, using my phone to essentially imdb things as I go. Like I do now, but reporting to Microsoft. Oh yeah, and I use my tv to watch tv. Retro I know.
What else? There was some rubbish about a new deal with EA, which explains why they’re getting rid of season passes, as you need to purchase a MS pass to play a second hand game. So same thing but handled internally at the same or more of a cost to you the player. If you can still be called that as the games section of the presentation was Call of Duty: Dogs of Armour and Forza 5. Neither of which were appealing graphically, but I accept there’s still time for polish. Although I will laugh my nethers off if they release Dog Armour DLC.
There was more, but who gives a shit?

Oh yeah, and it now looks like a solid black brick instead of PC beige. With an additional black brick in Kinect.

I fully anticipate with E3 lurking there’s going to be plenty to make me eat my words. However I’m stupefied by the complete rubbish I just sat through, so let this be the first in an ongoing, ever changing opinion which will be updated and revised more often than the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Current leaning: PS4. Just.