Shut Up Crime!

Life got silly busy recently. For various reasons, and some of them already listed. If I’m honest, I’ve just been exhausted. They reckon you’re never given more than you can handle but sometimes it surely comes close.

Anyway, that’s all the explanation you’re getting so here’s some other shit I’ve been up to.

WORK. going head down bollock on in work. It’d bore all of us for me to explain it but let’s suffice to say I am getting deeply involved in everything.

Life: i watched a couple of films that I needed to see recently.  Hunger Games 2 and Robocop 2014.  So let’s focus on those shall we? ok? cool.

I was expecting a lot from HG2, more so because of all the good press it’s garnered. It’s hard for a film to live up to the hype, and that’s why I generally avoid reading too much prior to release but this was everywhere! It was hyped to the point of being this trilogy’s Empire so who the hell wouldn’t see it based on that?

(Caveat: I’ve read the books, but as is the rigeur these days, it’s now being turned into four films coz, you know, money. So with that i mind i tried to go in open minded in case things had been changed to suit the expanded trilogy of four).

It’s a good film. i did like it and the running time (two and a half hours or thereabouts) passed like a breeze. i don’t know exactly what bothered me about it, but I’m going to put it down to the hype. I’ll have to revisit it once it’s passed.

Robocop on the other hand…far better than expected! A lot of people moan it’s not like the original and as I have had pointed out, why would you want that again? Bond has undergone various re-inventions much like Dr Who. Why do the same thing twice?  I love the original, I want to be clear on that. I’ve watched it a lot and always find something new to excite me on each viewing.  Even 2 had merit albeit a lot less. Let’s just skip 3 though….

Anyway, new century, new Robocop. And it is good! Bloodless, sure, but is that the basis for this story? I never thought so. I was always more invested in where humanity ends and robot begins. (On that note, see Caprica) I’m not convinced that this particular episode explores that in any depth, but it does add another element that has so far been missing in sci-fi (at least in my experience, although that is  limited) and that interested me enough to see it through. Corporation as humans making human errors: until they become the machine. Yeah, interesting no? In this instance, to me at least, Alex Murphy is the quickest to accept his fate, and it’s OCP that have to evolve beyond flesh and bone to become the embodiment of a machine. Now i accept that this is possibly missing a lot of obvious elements threaded throughout the film, but that for me was the most interesting arc it took. In some ways it was a lot more terrifying than the original ( SPOILER: Alex’ introduction to his new body) and the clinical approach really worked. That image I referred to there is gonna stay with me for a long time i tell ya.

It’s not perfect, and Samuel L Jackson’s character was too annoying not to mention. That said, i see the need and I accept it. This is a film that will happily see its way into my collection. If only for the fact it’s not a trilogy expanded into four films for money. YOU HEAR THAT HARRY POTTER/TWILIGHT/HUNGER GAMES BITCHES?


*ahem* I feel better now.