Brandy, such a fine girl.

Let’s kick this off right. Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Quick recap, the first film was a complete left field success. Came out of Nowhere (could be why that was in the film? Huh.) and no-one expected a film about a talking raccoon, a tree that knew 3 words, some green lady,  a wrestler and a sitcom cast member to be a success. Rightfully so. I was totally with that group. It sounded shit, looked like Marvel’s first big mistake, write it off and lets go see Avengers 2. 

No, stop. If you haven’t seen this based on any of the above assumptions, go back, don’t pass go and do not collect £200. 

The first was brilliant. Flawed, yes, but given what they were working with I would have allowed a lot more.

Now in this paragraph, I’m going to assume you saw the first, and have watched it a lot like I have. I mean this is actually in my top 3 Marvel films now (Civil War and Iron Man since you ask). So on with my thoughts since you’re fully up to date with me (and have likely seen this by now)…

Confession: I’ve only seen this once, and went in with the full weight of expectation. It’s not going to achieve it, it couldn’t. The first one had surprise on its side and maybe just a sliver of ‘fuck it, it might work’. 

This one had to work. Not because of the big Thanos/infinity gauntlet bullshit. Just to prove that it wasn’t a fluke. A raccoon (trash-panda), a tree, etc….. basically this is the intergalactic Breakfast Club. Somehow Ally Sheedy became a tree stump but whatever…

Anyway, it had to prove itself as a franchise. And it does. I’m so happy to say this, I’ll say it again. It does! 

The music isn’t as immediate as the first one (I stayed away from even the track list until I’d seen it, that’s how few spoilers I wanted) but it’s definitely its equal. Aside from that one track Boyzone covered, but let stay away from that. Overall. You’ll be buying this, I promise. I’ve now played it about seven times in seven days. It’s that good.

Now, plotwise, I felt there was a bit more sag, but there was also more characters and everyone had to develop, including newcomers Mantis, Ego and not so new but more centre stage sidekick of Yondu, Kraglin. They built a world (galaxy) in the first one, but they had to enrich it in this one, and so a more leisurely pace takes hold. It’s no bad thing, it’s good. As someone who is awaiting volume 3 eagerly, I’m happy with this. Although…a few things maybe could have been cut. We spend a lot of time with a group of people who ultimately don’t amount to much (I’ll say nothing for spoiler purposes but give a little whistle yeah?) and I do see the benefit of those scenes, I feel we could have done more elsewhere.

The interaction with Peter and Ego is fantastic but of course it is, because one of them is Kurt Russell. I was curious as to how they were going to approach a living planet, but once again, I should stop asking questions and trust the Feige. (He’s the new Nolan dontcha’know)

I’ve got so much love for this film, I really do. I wasn’t a big fan of Stallone appearing, as much as I understand it and the brilliant continuation of the 80’s motif, I felt he broke the cinematic for me. I hope you don’t have that same jarring interruption, and it is just me but dang, that felt inserted by note.

I’m struggling to say much without spoilers, so I’m going to wrap this up shortly BUT highlights:

  • Brandy
  • Mary Poppins
  • The subtext of adoption being equally important to blood
  • That gorram soundtrack (come a little bit closer…)
  • Zune

So much more! Just go watch it ok?