What’s this all about?

Sometimes modern life is rubbish and I write about it. This can take the form of many things, but it’s a relatively new site and I’m still finding my feet. As I find more that annoys me, I’ll direct my ire toward it/them/you.

It’ s cheaper than therapy.


In a previous life (about ten years ago) I was a alternative DJ. by this, I mean I played cool music which mostly featured guitars in dark sweaty pubs and clubs to other young people who kind of swayed around and called it dancing. I did this for a couple of years until I decided that I really didn’t have the time or inclination to keep up with the latest trends in music. Ten years later, I’ve nearly caught up again, but to hell with it.

I also sang with a folk/alternative band which really weren’t very good (me, I mean me. and a couple of them) until we imploded in a properly ‘artistic differences’ kind of way. Hilarious really, we never got beyond the first gig. maybe one day I’ll be angry enough to unleash the demos on the world. But not this day.

My musical tastes run right through the alphabet and back again, but mostly I listen to indie, rock and rap. I’ve got time for most things apart from instrumentals which I struggle with. It’s not that I need lyrics as such as they are often the last thing I notice, but I do like a voice on a track. Not on every one necessarily, but most.

Current band taste examples would include:

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Stone Roses

The Rapture

Lily Allen

Mansun (obscurist, look it up) (No wait, don’t. just listen to them on spotify, don’t look them up first)


Queens of the Stone Age


Roxy Music

David Bowie

Dean Martin

Fleetwood Mac

Lo-Fidelity Allstars


I think you get the drift.








Other than that, you may find other contributors work here also from time to time. If you too get annoyed with life and feel obliged to vent your spleen or just display your dismay, feel free to leave a comment telling me you have a topic and I’ll be sure to be in touch.